12/08/2015 / By Julie Wilson

In an attempt to reduce harm caused by terrorism-related gun violence on U.S. soil, President Barrack Obama wants to use

12/08/2015 / By Julie Wilson

Concerned about blunders in the US government’s vetting process for effectively screening Syrian refugees, 31 states including Texas, Arizona, Michigan,

11/30/2015 / By Julie Wilson

Escalating tension and fear continue to run rampant around the world, following the bloody terror attacks in Paris, France, which

11/16/2015 / By Julie Wilson

The governors of four U.S. states have announced their refusal to comply with President Obama’s plan to import thousands of Syrian

11/16/2015 / By Julie Wilson

In an act of true patriotism, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is refusing to allow Syrian refugees into the Lone Star

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