Panera’s experiment with socialism craters… “can’t cover costs” … restaurants shuttered

Panera Bread’s chain of “pay-what-you-can” eateries, known as Panera Cares, is now reaching full collapse, proving once again that socialism doesn’t actually work. As it turns out, you cannot rely on good will alone to make ends meet. The lone surviving location of Panera Cares, found in Boston, is scheduled to permanently close its doors in February 2019.

The left-wing has been quick to adopt socialist talking points to keep up with the rising prominence of Democratic Socialism within the Democratic Party. But as Panera’s failed experiment shows, even the most rudimentary forms of socialism can’t seem to stay afloat. Socialism has failed a great number of nations, and now its killing restaurants, too.

Panera Cares collapses

At Panera Cares, there were no posted menu prices. Instead, the chain offered its patrons a suggested donation. Customers could pay more or less, at their own discretion. Those without were also able to get meals for free.

Western Journal reports that 2012 archives show Panera Cares initially made no stipulations about what meals could be taken or how often patrons could grab some free grub. Unlimited free food sounds like a great way to tank a restaurant. If that wasn’t enough, the fact that many locals were unhappy with the outcome of Panera Cares locations also probably didn’t help the business.

In Chicago, the launching of a Panera Cares also prompted a wave of safety concerns. Reports say Panera Cares opened up in 2012 in a nice neighborhood that was then inundated with the homeless. Residents said that groups of men would crowd the sidewalks and not let anyone else pass by, and that mounds of garbage were overtaking the streets.

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As Western Journal explains, Panera later implemented a series of restrictions in a last-ditch effort to keep things at the donation-based restaurant under control. Along with asking patrons to limit themselves to one free meal and one free drink a week, the company also introduced meal vouchers. Those unable to afford food could earn a free meal by working for one hour at the chain’s community cafe.

The Panera Cares project was intended to help address food insecurity, but ultimately, the “pay-what-you-can” system was too easily abused, leading to another failed socialist endeavor.

The last location in Boston will be closing on February 15. “Despite our commitment to this mission, it’s become clear that continued operation of the Boston Panera Cares is no longer viable,” Panera said in a recent statement.

Socialism flops big time

As the failure of Panera Cares shows, socialism fails at both national and community levels. Regardless of what the new Left and their Democratic Socialist poster child, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, say about the necessity of socialism, their promises that this time will be “different” simply don’t ring true.

Many young Democratic Socialists seem to believe that the failure of past socialist regimes will have no bearing on the outcome of their own movement.

Even the mainstream media is now promoting socialism, declaring that the failures of the past will not dictate the outcome of the future, that the Soviets and Fidel Castro weren’t “real” socialists, and so on. And still, proponents of socialism can never seem to explain how things will be different this time. Indeed, the Democratic Socialists of today are no different than those of yore.

The idea that the existence of profitable businesses (and wealthy people) is immoral simply because others are not as wealthy is as radical as it is nonsensical. Yet, that’s exactly what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes — and she wants others to believe it too.

To make matters worse, socialist groups also advocate for government ownership of profitable industries — as if that hasn’t been tried before and didn’t end terribly. The fact that a government which owns everything and has complete control over its people is inherently dangerous should go without question, but the radical Left of today doesn’t care about freedom or liberty. The ushering in of socialism, in any form, is a sure path towards an authoritarian regime.

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