YOU are remarkable! The Health Ranger reveals why your voice, your actions and your very existence really matters

One of the primary goals of the fakestream (fake news) media is to demoralize humanity and make people think their efforts to change the world for the better are hopeless. They want to create a society of obedient sheeple who are bullied into surrendering to the sick agendas of depopulation, destruction of liberty and anti-humanism.

Today, I’m releasing a podcast that explains why they’re WRONG. You are remarkable! Your voice, your actions and your very existence really matter.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. Sometimes, you just need to be reminded of it. That’s why I’ve released this podcast that starts off with a “thank you” to all Natural News supporters, then gets into the greater truth of why your life really matters so much in this world, even though it can often seem like you’re flailing in a sea of uncertainty.

Listen to my full podcast at The Health Ranger Report, or hear it below:


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