The mainstream media’s downplaying of UC Berkeley riot shows complicity with Left-wing violence

Milo Yiannopoulos has been attracting violent opposition crowds at many of his recent speaking events. Several media outlets have been heavily mislabeling him, which could have helped draw out the angry crowds to his recent scheduled performances. At a UC Berkeley event, Trump supporters were victims of violent left wing attacks. Fists were flying outside of the campus event, where Milo supporters were struck with flag poles and stomped while they were down. Literal fireworks also added to the mayhem in efforts to shut down the event. An interviewee was also pepper sprayed while speaking with reporters. Something is clearly amiss with both the violent demonstration against free speech and the aftermath.

Many people on the left-wing are speaking out about the attacks, but not in the manner you would expect; they are standing up for the attackers. The haters are saying they don’t condone hate speech, including Berkeley’s mayor who condoned the riots as a reaction to hate speech. If only they could realize how hypocritical they are. The mainstream media have been legitimizing these anti-right wing demonstrations for almost two years. (RELATED: Find real news headlines hourly at

The media are complicit when they label the violent riots as just protests and further downplay the severity when the right is attacked. What would the left-wing owned media stories look like if the situation was inverted at Hillary Clinton’s commencement address at Wellesley College? That would have also been blamed on right wing bigotry, homophobia, and racism. There’s no winning against the leftist media who continue to warp the minds of Americans into standing up for corrupt globalist interests. (RELATED: Read for more news about the lying left-wing media.)

Donald Trump responded to the recent riots with a threat to cease federal funding to the university. A statement from UC Berkeley condemned both Milo’s presence at the university and his perspectives. They called him a troll and provocateur who aims hate speech at a wide array of groups and individuals. The university is essentially blaming Milo’s opinions and behavior for the violent displays against Trump supporters. The worst part is that many people don’t know or understand what types of discussions actually take place at a Milo event, they just know they oppose him because the media tells them to.

If you don’t like Milo, the simple solution is to not show up at his events. The attacks went far beyond just Milo; Trump supporters were the prime targets for the rioters. If only the left-wing supporters could realize the façade they are fighting for is ultimately designed to work against them. If funding terrorists, depopulating the planet, and being enslaved by a one-world government sounds appealing to you, then keep on rioting. The media will continue to stand against Donald Trump and his supporters every at every chance possible. (RELATED: Find more Donald Trump news at


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