Mad stabber attacks citizens right outside CNN building, CNN insists no one should be allowed to have a gun to stop them

On Tuesday afternoon, a Los Angeles man randomly started stabbing people on Sunset Boulevard, right across the street from CNN’s Hollywood location. The suspect managed to injure four people before being shot to death by Los Angeles Police Department officers. The attack happened in broad daylight, presumably while CNN employees were coming and going on their lunch breaks.

The suspect tried to enter several businesses on his rampage and managed to stab someone inside of a Jack in the Box restaurant. He tried gaining access to a local coffee shop, but one of their customers held the glass door shut preventing the suspect from entering.

Witness to the violence, Korbyn Gomez, saw the attacker approaching with a big bloody knife from 15 feet away. “I got away. “You could tell he was going to give it to anyone who was near” Said Gomez. (RELATED: Find more violent crime news at

Police initially tasered the suspect before shooting him inside of the Jack in the Box restaurant, where he was taken into custody. The suspect was a black male in his 30s, who died at the scene. His name has yet to be released by law enforcement personnel. The area where the stabbings occurred is generally busy with tourists, nearby theater patrons and employees from CNN’s offices.

Prior to the attacks, the suspect was loitering outside of a liquor store on Sunset Boulevard. The store owner had asked him to leave the premises, but he didn’t budge initially. Moments later the suspect leaped up to initiate his violent spree by stabbing a passing bicycle rider. A witness to the initial stabbing said that the victim had lost a significant amount of blood.

CNN reporter Maeve Reston witnessed a portion of the attacks and tweeted “Unclear how many stabbing victims there are, but the suspect ran down Sunset Blvd. trying to stab people outside our CNN office in Hollywood.” Three of the four stabbing victims were treated for their wounds, two of whom remain in critical condition. One victim declined medical treatment. Police intend to review surveillance footage from the Jack in the Box restaurant to aid their investigation.

It’s ironic that CNN heavily opposes gun rights when guns were needed to take down a violent criminal who was practically on their doorstep. It’s unclear at this time if any of the victims were CNN employees. (RELATED: Find more gun control news at


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