Don’t be fooled by the political game: The illusion of freedom in America

With the 2016 presidential election well underway, many citizens are once again buying into the illusion of American freedom — that their choices make a difference, that their vote will influence change and that politics matters. In reality, the course of the presidential election is dictated only for the benefit of a few, select elite with deep pockets. Ultimately, the choice boils down to the same product, only with a different label: Coke versus Pepsi, McDonald’s versus Burger King, Clinton versus Bush. Take your pick.

Presidential elections are a sham put on by the Republican and Democratic parties in order to give the illusion that the public dictates the government and not the other way around. The politicians, government, military, media and police are really dictated by wealthy benefactors, and guess what — they couldn’t care less about preserving American freedom. The only thing these people are concerned about is preserving power.

“You are not free when your choices are pre-determined by a totalitarian system that only offers the illusion of choice,” explained Mike Adams, editor of Natural News. “The purpose of today’s government is to crush your real freedom while presenting you with the illusion of choice, hoping you won’t notice you’re living in a prison for your mind… a prison that is constructed and reinforced via WORDS that trap you in a realm of false ideas and delusional beliefs about what liberty really means.”

Voting is a form of self-gratification, rather than a way to influence real political change. It does not change the system for the better, because the system has already been tainted within the roots.

Concord, rather than conflict, between parties

We are told that the Republican and Democratic parties have radically opposing political ideologies when, in fact, there is more concord than conflict between the them. Both Republicans and Democrats have a history of supporting endless wars, big spending, expanding government, shrinking liberty and of being bought and paid for by big businesses. Meanwhile, the American public are given the “power to choose” the powers that suppress them.

Don’t buy into the sneer campaigns and the name-calling executed by both parties. These cheap antics are a form of obscurantism intended to keep the American public entertained and divided, while boosting election turn out. In short, drama sells. Just ask Jerry Springer. Unlike Jerry Springer, however, the end result isn’t to keep the public entertained, but to keep the elite in power.

Presidential candidates make various jabs at each other in public. Behind closed doors, however, they are comrades-in-arms. Donald Trump, for example, made a generous donation of a minimum of $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton, on the other hand, also attended Trump’s wedding in 2005, revealing their personal and financial ties with each other.

Money is power

The same reasoning holds true with respect to the mainstream media. FOX News, which is championed as an outlet for right-wing conservatives, helped host a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s re-election campaign for the senate in 2006. According to the Federal Election Commission and Center for Responsive Politics data, FOX News is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors, contributing over $3 million to Clinton accounts.

Branches of government are also dictated by the elite. Congressmen are a puppet for wealthy benefactors, who require them to spend the majority of their efforts fund raising, rather than legislating. The president himself has attended over 400 fund raising events over the course of his presidency. And who can forget the Supreme Court, whose justices overwhelmingly come from wealthy and powerful families? Nearly all senators and congressmen are either lawyers or businessmen. As astrophysicst Neil deGrasse Tyson noted, “Where is the rest of life?”

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter who wins the presidential election because all the candidates are dancing to the same beat anyway. Many corporations will help fund both the Democrat and Republican parties in order to ensure they have power in the White House, regardless of who wins the election.

The American dream is just that — a dream. Rather than rely on a group of politicians to deal with our problems, one way to make real change is to have a do-it-yourself attitude, either by helping assemble communities or by starting your own business. The best we can do is to continue with the pursuit of happiness, so that one day, the “American dream” can become a reality.



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